Galaxy S5 T-Mobile SM-G900T Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Stock Firmware!

T-Mobile has finally decided to update the Galaxy S5 SM-G900T. This is an Android 6.0. 1 marshmallow firmware that will update your firmware to the latest Android OS.

We highly recommend you to use Odin to flash the stock firmware. Now if you want to convert your Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S7 Edge we highly recommend you to use the insanity ROM instead.

This is probably the last marshmallow update from Samsung but we do hope that Samsung keeps updating older phones like the Galaxy S5. This stock former can only be installed on the T-Mobile Galaxy S5 model.

If you have a Canadian Galaxy S5 stock firmware for Canadian S5 is also available in marshmallow format. You can also use this stock firmware to unroot or unbrick your Galaxy S5 with 100% stock software.

This may be very useful if you’re returning your Galaxy S5 for warranty or selling on eBay Exedra exedra. Also, if you’re still on KitKat or lollipop you can also use this marshmallow stock firmware to update your Galaxy S5 to the latest Android OS.

This firmware update includes all new marshmallow features including doze mode to save battery life, faster performance, and much much more. However this stock firmware will not give you you S7 Edge features so your best bet is to install a custom rom that has S7 Edge features.


Download T-Mobile Galaxy S5 SM-G900T Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Stock Firmware

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